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Kevin Dare

Finance Director

Kevin was appointed as Finance Director in October 2008. He manages treasury, accounting, and financial reporting and control functions. He is also the Bank’s Company Secretary and serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Kevin has helped establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the Bank, with an ongoing objective to donate up to 75% of its profits to The Salvation Army International Trust. 

“Our aim is to help make money do extraordinary things for good – by prioritising our lending to organisations delivering positive social impact and by providing all our customers with an excellent banking service. Doing this successfully will also result in increasing the donations we make to The Salvation Army International Trust – a direct way we can meet our primary aim.”

Past experience

Kevin has over 23 years of experience in Finance Management, with the last 14 years within the banking sector. He previously had roles in both the manufacturing and retail sectors and his most recent position before joining the Bank was as Financial Accountant at the Welcome Break Group. Kevin is an Associate Chartered Management Accountant and has wide commercial, treasury and corporate funding experience in the private sector.

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