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Our Vision

We want to be the socially responsible bank of choice for people who want their money to make a difference.

At Reliance Bank we believe that the way we choose to bank can mirror the way we choose to live – by putting good before greed and people before profit. 

Here’s how we’re making our vision a reality:

  • We get to know our customers. We understand their goals, only provide products that meet a genuine need, always lend responsibly and if problems do arise, work with customers to support them through difficult times.
  • We prioritise our business lending to charities, businesses and not-for-profits delivering positive social impact in the UK.
  • We donate up to 75% of our profits to The Salvation Army International, supporting its mission to help people whose lives have been affected by emergencies, disasters, poverty and social inequality.


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The Salvation Army

We are proud to be the bank of The Salvation Army International. Find out more about our shared history.