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Mortgage Payment Holiday - Covid-19 support

We have helped several mortgage customers struggling with their mortgage because of COVID-19 by providing them with a mortgage payment holiday. We have looked to assist affected customers on an individual, case by case basis.

See an example of how we helped another customer below:

Impact and Background
“Thank you for your kind email last week and for the very welcome offer of a mortgage payment holiday.

I can confirm that I have had news this afternoon that I am to be placed on furlough for at least the minimum period of three weeks (probably more). 

Thank you again for your tremendous help and support at this time. Looking forward to the end of this highly unusual period!”

From Mr R from Kent.

A payment holiday may not be right for everyone and is subject to approval. If you do take out a payment holiday in the end we’ll recalculate your monthly payments and the amount you will owe will go up. That’s because we will add interest to your mortgage while you take a break.

We are asking all affected customers to contact the mortgages department via email on 

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